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Barretts Leisure trading as Logcabins-UK



50% Deposit with signed Order.

50% prior to delivery


Payment by cheque shall constitute payment hereunder only on clearance of the cheque and until payment in full has been made for the goods, we shall have the right to reposes them and to enter on the premises of the Buyer for this purpose and in the event of the Buyer  having disposed of the goods prior to payment in circumstances where ownership has passed to a third party, the proceeds shall be held by the Buyer as Trustee for us until such time as full payment of the original goods has been duly made.


Delivery Lead time

Approximately 6-8 weeks for Garden cabins from receipt of order and deposit.

Approximately 8- 10 weeks for Residential cabins from receipt of order and cleared deposit.



1) The Buyer will receive an acknowledgement of the order.

2) The Buyer will receive a specification of the order.

3) The Buyer will need to sign an acceptance of the specification prior to any milling.



1) The buyer will need to check the contents against the documentation that was agreed.

2) The buyer will need to sign off as being acceptable and complete.

3) Any faulty or damaged content must be reported within 7 days of receipt for replacement.


Hotline Number ; 01945 410361




Delivery period is approximate.

The risk of any loss or damage due to deterioration of the goods once they have been delivered from whatever cause the deterioration might arise (other than inherent defect) shall fall upon the Buyer

For the smaller garden buildings the delivery driver will need a clear access to your property with no height restrictions or tight sharp corners to negotiate.

Under Health and Safety rules they cannot lift sections over fences or buildings such as garages. If the only access is through the house, a straight run is required, as many sections will not pass through standard doorways. Please advise us in advance if there are any difficulties regarding access.

For larger buildings such as Log Cabins, these can only be delivered as near as the lorry can park, it is the responsibility of the customer or their erection team to transport the building to where it is required from the nearest point of delivery.


Timber treatment:

Log Cabins are delivered untreated and should be treated with a good quality micro porous preservative such as ‘OSMO’ timber preservative and natural wood finishes.


Construction and Erection:

We do not undertake any construction or erection of the buildings the company supplies.
Nor will the company, under any circumstances, be held responsible for any faults or complaints regarding the erection or construction of any building/s by the manufacturer or a third party, any default/s relating to the construction must be referred to the Construction company concerned. Or in the event of a manufacturing fault we will contact the manufacturing company concerned on your behalf.

All foundation or base work is the responsibility of the customer, as is the safe securing of the building once erected.

A level solid base, either paving slabs, for the smaller buildings, or concrete, upon which to install your building is best. 
Pressure treated floor bearers laid on top of your prepared base are an important and valuable option for garden buildings with timber floors, as they allow the circulation of air underneath the floor and help to keep it dry and sound.
When planning your buildings position, allow for as much room as possible for the installers to work.
Always make allowances for any roof overhang when buildings have to go into confined spaces.



Goods supplied are guaranteed for 12 months from the point of delivery against defects or faulty parts.

The risk of any loss or damage due to deterioration of the goods once they have been delivered, from whatever cause the deterioration might arise (other than inherent defect) shall fall upon the Buyer.

The above warranty excludes damaged howsoever caused by incorrect storage, outside contractors installation, general wear and tear, misuse of any nature.

The risk of any loss or damage due to deterioration of the goods once they have been delivered, from whatever cause the deterioration might arise (other than inherent defect) shall fall upon the Buyer.


Organic Product

We would like to remind our customers that timber is an organic product, subject to naturally occurring changes that result from different or changing conditions i.e. changes in colour, surface, splits and shrinkage. We cannot accept any responsibility for these natural changes.



Whilst Logcabins-UK will make recommendations for the maintenance of goods supplied, it is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that proper maintenance and care is provided. Any maintenance costs are the responsibility of the buyer.


Customised/Made to spec. products

Logcabins-UK will make every effort to meet customer requirements as far as is practical to build and meets the necessary Health & Safety & Building Regulations where applicable.

Where such customisation does not meet the above-mentioned criteria Logcabins-UK will recommend any necessary alterations to ensure conformity. The buyer will then need to sign the final specification prior to milling.



Where goods are subject to export control laws of the country of origin, the buyer agrees to comply with such laws. Logcabins-UK act as the interface and agree to inform the buyer accordingly.


Force Majeure

Logcabins-UK are not responsible for any delivery failure caused by circumstances beyond their control e.g. strikes, war, terrorism, adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, governmental regulatory changes.



Deposits made with orders are non returnable. If the buyer terminates this agreement,

Logcabins-UK reserve the right to withhold all costs incurred relating to this contract.



Acceptable variations

The goods are natural products and, as such, can vary slightly in appearance, natural shade,

colour etc. Such raw material may vary slightly from one batch to another.



Notification of any complaint or shortage should be phoned into our office ( 01945 410361) within 3 days of delivery and confirmed in writing within 14 days of the date of delivery, in the event of glass this period is reduced to 48 hours.
It is recommended that the customer makes a thorough inspection on delivery or as soon as possible after delivery, and to right any comments about shortages or breakages on the delivery note before signing it and to get the driver to countersign and confirm your comments.