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Log Cabin Installation


D.I.Y. Installation

Logcabins-Uk supplies every Garden Log Cabin in kit form ready for a self build project. By following the instructions, if you are reasonably adept at D.I.Y, there should be no problems in handling the project yourself.

One main important factor is to ensure that you have proper foundation laid in readiness of the assembly. When you look at the individual details of each cabin you will see a minimum specification of the dimensions required for your foundation. It is important that your foundation is flat and even with squared corners.

Installed For You

Logcabins-UK can suggest an experienced team of installers who could do this for you.

The installation team are used to the format of the building process. If you would like us to quote you for the complete package for supply and build, then please contact Roy at Tel: 01945 410361 for a competitive quotation.